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Pamarco EFlo series now HD certified

March 27, 2012

The EFlo series was developed using PHD bitmap technology, which enhances image quality.

Pamarco Global Graphics, a manufacturer of anilox rolls based in Atlanta, GA, USA, has recently introduced an anilox roll designed to work with computer-to-plate technology. The EFlo series is now HD certified by Esko Artwork

The EFlo series has a unique cell structure that has been developed using PHD bitmap technology. This technology creates a unique bitmap file that controls how the laser beams create not only the cell shape and profile, but the inner cell geometry, an application file created exclusively by Pamarco. The new generation engraving is designed to work with new High Definition plate technology. According to the company, this unique cell geometry and angle profile now allows printers to expand on their color gamut and contrast range and enhance image quality.