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delfortgroup announces liner recycling program

July 10, 2012

Cycle4green services allow used release liner to become recycled paper products.

delfortgroup has taken on a new sustainability initiative by supporting Cycle4green (C4G) services as a preferred method for recycling label release liners. With C4G Liner Recycling, the life cycle of release liners can be fully completed by turning used release papers back into release base paper. delfortgroup itself does recycle all release liners in its production sites.

"In our constant search for innovative, high-quality products and solutions that put the environment first, delfortgroup can now boast a key development in the recycling of natural fiber based release liners," the company said in a statement. "Thanks to the collaboration with Cycle4green, our self-adhesive industry is now promoting sustainability more effectively than ever.

"As both a market-leader in the manufacture of specialist papers and a strong supporter of sustainability, delfortgroup is proud to promote C4G activities to the entire global label industry, in order to further develop the environmental advantages of the C4G liner recycling concept."

According to the company, with C4G Liner Recycling, the life cycle of release liners can now be completed fully by converting used release papers into valuable recycled paper products. Specially conceived collection programs are already in operation at each of delfortgroup's production sites, where the used release liners are efficiently processed.

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