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MCS launches inkjet controller platform

October 9, 2012

Raptor controller software drives the newest generation of MCS Falcon and Eagle inkjet systems.

MCS, Inc. has announced the launch of the Raptor controller software that drives the newest MCS Falcon and Eagle inkjet systems with one controller architecture. Included with all Eagle and new HP-based Raptor systems, it will control the printing of each individual system, while allowing the Eagle and HP-based Falcon systems to print together in one system. The Raptor controller platform combines print control - and the job setup/layout - all in one package. 

The hardware aspects of the platform are based on the latest Gigabit-Ethernet architecture to allow for the highest bandwidth data transmission so that up to 25" of print can be handled with one system (Eagle and Falcon). The system is driven by a non-proprietary Windows 7 computer, and supports a new input/output module for driving external equipment such as sorters and conveyers.

The Raptor software is the next-generation of the MCS layout software that was made popular with the MCS Array inkjet. Originally acclaimed for ease of use with job setup and proofing, the company says, the Raptor adds the capability to setup and proof jobs for both the Eagle or Raptor printers. This is increasingly important to the growing number of mailing and printing companies that want to perform setup and proofing from a central workstation and send the job data and layout to the printer on the shop floor.

Customers have two options for job workflow. The Raptor software comes complete with a full-featured database-driven addressing and variable data layout package. It allows linking with all the popular database formats and provides full-featured graphic and text tools for both variable and static printing. The new PDF workflow option allows a multi-page PDF document with the entire print run to be produced directly on the printer. Customers with GMC PrintNet, XMPie, or other composition software can now complete the job layout in powerful document creation platforms and send directly to the Raptor.

David Loos, CEO of MCS, commented on the recent product announcement: "Printers and mailing shops are looking for workflow options that minimize setup times and allow centralized setup. They are also driven by the need for modularity of inkjet print technology and are determined to have all technologies controlled by a common platform. The Raptor is the architecture that will meet these needs for the next decade."
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