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Spinnaker showcases new facilities

February 12, 2013

Two open house events were held at the company's new slitting distribution centers in Atlanta and the LA area.

Spinnaker Coating, LLC, a manufacturer of adhesive coated papers and films, completed its second Open House celebration in late January. The gatherings, both social and informational, were hosted at the company’s two new slitting distribution centers – one in Atlanta and one in the Los Angeles area. 

Opened in the second half of 2012, the facilities offer one-day transit time to much of the Southeastern and Western United States. According to the company, the new facilites provide not only faster delivery times for a wide variety of trimless products, but another service enhancement: extended order coverage. Sales and customer service representatives are now available to take questions and orders until 8pm EST.

“We were pleased with the turn-out of customers at both locations,” says George Fuehrer, executive vice president of Spinnaker Coating. “It was a great opportunity for us to show people around, explain the machinery and our process, and strengthen relationships between our customers and Spinnaker personnel.”

The new operations add to the company’s other slitting sites in New York, Chicago, and the coating and slitting center in Troy, OH, USA.