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Gidue sells another Combat M1

March 7, 2013

The purchaser is a printer of playing cards and beer, liquor and pharmaceutical labels.

Italian press manufacturer Gidue has announced the purchase of its Combat M1 press by Kem Cards, a printer of playing cards, as well as beer, liquor and pharmaceutical labels. 

"The new version of the M1 is dedicated to the production of  labels. It displays an 'open' structure to simplify the access to the famous Flower flexographic print unit and perform the shortest web path in the labels’ market," the company says. "In addition, the new 'open' structure allows for fast set-up times, immediate check of print-quality and increases the traditional ease of operation of Combat presses. The converting section has been completely redesigned with independent servo motors for each die-cutting unit and easy access to the slitting section. The three servo driven die-cutting units allow for extreme converting flexibility, accurate tension and register control. The 'open' slitting section offers the shortest set-up time and the easiest access to the slitting area with multiple slitting technologies in a user-friendly operating environment.

"The new Combat Converting Group is compact and efficient. The new Combat M1 is a deep evolution of the famous S-Combat which has been totally redesigned to keep the strong advantages of reliability and quality, but integrate more flexibility and ease of operation. GIDUE Combat M1 is today one of the most simple and innovative label presses of our market."

Sudhir Samant, business unit head at Reifenhauser India, says: “This is the first GIDUE press at Kem Cards. The M1 will be their chance to turnover and boost the production! After evaluating the options available in the Indian market, Kem Cards decided on GIDUE M1 press. This machine will dramatically reduce set-up time and increase the production quality and capacity."

Haresh, the owner of Kem Cards, adds: ” We find the M1 a great press because it is easy to use, fast and offers several options. We are very excited about this strategic purchase as it brings true value and a competitive advantage to our business!”