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Gidue strengthens presence in Russia

March 12, 2013

The company collaborated with Dmitry Remizov and his team at Gidue Rus.

After collaborating with Dmitry Remizov and his team at Gidue Rus, Italian press manufacturer Gidue says it is well-placed in the Russian market.

"In the last few years, a sales team has been trained to understand the customer’s needs related to the labels and packaging market," the company says. "Technical engineers are ready to provide service to about 40 machines installed in the territory. The final goal has been the installation of a fully servo driven Master M5 press at the GIDUE Showroom based in Moscow. The Showroom, with a simple and well-structured design, gives to clients the possibility to 'meet' face to face the new Master M5 press. The new facility together with the great expertise of Gidue Rus team offers to the local market a very competitive service. Russian customers have now the possibility to assist live demonstrations and test their own job with their plates and materials."

According to the company, there were a consistent number of machines already installed during the last decade, and 2012 was a very rewarding year for Gidue Rus. The company says it had a series of successful installations of newly designed machines. Some existing customers reinforced their loyalty and bought the new Gidue lines. Pechatny Express, one of the largest companies in the Russian market of self-adhesive labels and packaging, installed a Gidue Master M5 370 mm 10-color. This is the company's fourth Gidue machine.

The Moscow-based printing company Polygraff equipped its industrial facilities with the 3rd Gidue press, a new Combat M1 280mm eight-color with the new short web path, the servo driven diecutting section and the innovative waste matrix removal 'Snowball.'

LLC Polygraph-Service, founded in 2001 in Lipetsk, added to their existing Intelligent Combat a Gidue Master M5 430mm eight-color UV flexo. The press is fully servo driven, offers cool cylinders of double diameter and can be used to print unlimited substrates. The machine is equipped with the following optional systems: Print Tutor to automatically adjust print pressure and register, Quick Cut system to perform a fully automated waste stripping, and the Snowball system to perform a sliding rewinding shaft.

Pakhomov M.S., Director of LLC Polygraph-Service, says, “The M5 unlimited range of substrates gives us a great competitive advantage and expands our possibilities. GIDUE Digital Flexo technology not only reduces set-up waste, but also increases the quality of production. We are deeply pleased with our choice!”

Besides the installation of these servo presses, Gidue Rus offered the entry level models dedicated to the labels market.
The printing company Flex-Print invested in a Gidue Quadra press. According to the company, the Gidue Quadra has all the components necessary to the production of high-quality labels: a width of 370 mm, a six-color section, a combo laminator to give the possibility of laminating, a cold foil kit and a Delam Relam module to print on adhesive cover. This is the second Gidue press installed at Flex-Print. The first was a six-color S-Combat 370 mm. 

Reshetov Andrey, Flex-Print general director, says, “Gidue Quadra is a simple but strong machine. It offers a fast production, a stable quality and very small costs. If there was one word to describe this machine, that word would be “reliable”.

Finally, the launch of the MX strategy which includes a 'ready' package with eight UV Flexo colors, cold foil and two diecutting stations, scored a good result with successful installations in December at three start-up companies in the label market.