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Gidue announces strong profits in 2012

June 4, 2013

Last year's numbers show a growth of 22.5 million euro, or, 25%.

Gidue Financial and Administration Manager Magda Ciapponi has announced that the Italian manufacturer successfully closed 2012 with a very satisfying profit, compared to the previous fiscal year 2011. Last year's numbers show a growth of 22.5 million euro, or, 25%.

Gidue Managing Director Federico d’Annunzio says, ”Our company faces 2013 with a strong attitude. We have 15 Service Points which assure a worldwide service and our products offer lines that satisfy most of the potential requests, with a range that goes from the entry level Label press (MX) to the more sophisticated multi-process and multi-substrates press for Packaging (M9). However, Gidue is not only a bunch of machines and distributors. Gidue promotes innovative technologies and creates revolutionary trends. Today we have a stable cash flow and our aim is to use it to support new projects. Some of these revolutionary technologies will be revealed in September, during the 2013 Labelexpo in Brussels."

Gidue Sales and Marketing Manager Cristina Toffolo says that the Italian company registers a strong growth both in sales and profits, especially in emerging markets such as Russia, China and India. Moreover, she anticipates that Gidue will move to a new bigger factory by June 2013. She says, "Gidue starts the new year with a big change. What we expect is higher efficiency and a larger profit as the result of a bigger production area and a more efficient warehouse’s layout."