Dienes knife holder earns innovation awards

Published June 5, 2013
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Designed for high precision and with optimum functionality, the knife holder DS µ from Dienes recently received the C2 European Innovation Award 2013 and the C2 American Innovation Award.

The DS µ features a knife carrier ring fixed to a specially shaped polyurethane ring, allowing to easily assemble and disassemble the knife head while maintaining high stability. At the same time, the knife holder has an improved concentricity and a minimum lateral run-out thanks to its precision ball lining. “Tolerances at the contact points of the circular knife are less than 5 µm. This impressively low value was achieved by combining these two innovative techniques," says Dienes Technical Manager Josef Nelles.

Dietmar Fritz, sales manager for Dienes, comments on the award: “Our new DS µ was developed in close collaboration with customers in order to consistently meet the increasing user’s demands for an absolutely precise, well sophisticated and sustainable knife holder.”

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