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Low migration inks available for Durst Tau 330

June 25, 2013

New ink set handles food, pharmaceutical and other difficult package printing applications.

Durst has announced that it has successfully completed testing of its new Durst Tau Low-Migration (LM) UV Inks from SunJet, a division of Sun Chemical. Durst Tau LM inks are designed for use with the 13-inch Durst Tau 330 UV Inkjet Digital Label Press, which has a production speed of 157 linear feet per minute. The new ink set will expand the range of short-run applications that can be printed on the Tau 330 – including previously off-limits applications such as pharmaceutical blister packs, yogurt carton lids and similar sensitive print jobs.

A fully functioning Durst Tau 330 label press with LM inks will be on display in the Durst booth – #9H57 – at Label Expo ’13, September 24-27 in Brussels, Belgium.

A migration risk can exist when printed inks are in close proximity to packaged food or other sensitive substances, and where there is no functional barrier between the packaging and the contents.  When combined with Durst’s proprietary UV curing system, Durst Tau LM inks can achieve migration limits under 10 parts per billion (ppb) – a critical threshold in ensuring that packaging complies with relevant food contact legislation.

These inks appear on the EuPIA and Swiss Ordnance positive lists, and do not utilize material specifically excluded on the Nestle list.

“Our new Tau Low-Migration UV Ink Set is not only a significant achievement in its own right, but it further demonstrates Durst’s ability to deliver complete printing solutions,” says Christopher Howard, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Durst US.  “When used in our Tau 330 UV Inkjet Digital Label Press, these inks deliver quality results for one of the more challenging, specialized printing requirements.”

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