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Dscoop launches global listening initiative

June 25, 2013

The initiative is designed to help Dscoop members maintain their roles in cross-media marketing campaigns.

Dscoop (Digital Solutions Cooperative) has announced a new initiative to "provide innovation and leadership at a time when print solutions providers across the globe are shifting to a model of becoming an integrated marketing service provider to ensure future business success." Dscoop Global Chairman Chris Petro and Dscoop Global Executive Director Mike Fogarty unveiled a renewed commitment by Dscoop to enable members to deliver on the promise of print as an integral component of cross-media marketing campaigns.

As part of the entire vision of the initiative, three areas of collaboration have emerged:
  • Partners and others in the market are educating brand owners and agencies on the value and virtues of digital printing and how it can be an integral component of cross-media campaigns.
  • Dscoop members are the ambassadors in the marketplace delivering on that promise. 
  • Dscoop enables its members to deliver on that promise through Dscoop University education for owners and operators, the Dscoop Print Directory that connects brand owners to skilled PSPs, and a global community that allows members to deliver for brands around the world.
To help drive this new initiative and growth for the industry, Dscoop announced last week the hiring of Mike Fogarty as its new Global Executive Director and John Tenwinkel as the Director of Dscoop University.