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Edale, AB Graphic announce technology partnership

July 9, 2013

The two companies have joined forces to launch the Digicon 3000, a finishing machine for the soon-to-be-released HP Indigo 20000.

Edale and AB Graphic International have announces the launch of the Digicon 3000, a 30 inch (762mm) wide finishing system that enables printers to convert pressure sensitive labels and flexible packaging printed on the soon-to-be-launched HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press.After initial discussions in early 2012, Edale and AB Graphic International entered into a collaborative development agreement based on customer demand for a converting system for the new press.

Mike Burton, managing director of AB Graphic International, says, “We approached Edale back in May 2012, to discuss supporting the development of this new product. We immediately thought of Edale based on their proven experience in wider webs and flexible packaging."

The two companies together bring more than 100 years combined technical expertise; AB Graphic International, having worked with HP for more than 15 years, and Edale having worked with AGFA Graphics for more than 12 years. While the Digicon 3000 will be manufactured by Edale, the machine will benefit from the companies combined intellectual property.

“By working together we have been able to create an advanced product that benefits from the respective technology strengths of Edale and AB Graphic International. As a result the Digicon 3000 is packed with innovations that will serve to enhance and broaden the applications possible in mid web digital label and packaging printing," comments James Boughton, managing director of Edale. "Mike Burton and I were surprised to see how similar our two businesses were; both having dedicated in-house design teams, who have gelled together well during this initial process, and both companies sharing a very similar business practice."

The HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press press supports a 30 inch (762mm) wide roll with up to 44 inch (1,118 mm) repeat length, ensuring an easy fit into existing production lines. The first and second machines have already been sold. The first unit is scheduled for installation at Innovative Labelling Solutions (ILS) in Ohio in December 2013. ILS will be running a label and flexible packaging configuration with the HP Indigo 20000 running inline with the Digicon 3000.

Jay Dollries, owner of ILS, comments, “Our long-standing partnership with AB Graphic International made them a logical choice as we considered finishing options for the HP Indigo 20000. As with our current Digicon equipment, the Digcon 3000 will provide versatility and accuracy that will keep us well ahead of the technology curve.” He continues, “The partnership between AB Graphic International and Edale, in conjunction with ILS’ involvement in all phases of the Digicon’s development, will result in the most unique, advanced digital finishing line in the marketplace. As ILS continually focuses on growing our presence in the flexible packaging and shrink sleeve marketplaces, the combination of the HP Indigo 20000 and the Digicon 3000 will be one of our major catalysts."

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