New software features for the LVS 7000

Published July 25, 2013
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Label Vision Systems (LVS) has announced that the LVS 7000 in-line vision system has two new software enhancements: the Web Viewer module and the PDF Comparator program.

The Web Viewer module  allows an operator to simultaneously monitor and analyze up to 16 areas of interest per job on the web without having to manually move between each area of interest. While a job is running, an operator can choose to view all of the areas at once or cycle between full image views of each location, which allows the operator to keep track of the printing process while the LVS 7000 is inspecting all of the labels for defects.

The PDF Comparator  program allows the comparison of the PDF artwork to the LVS golden image for the actual print job. The golden image is overlaid on the image and the opacity of the golden image can be adjusted from low to high.

The LVS 7000 is a vision-based system designed to inspect print quality at line speeds and provides Master-to-Label Comparison (blemish detection); Print Quality Inspection; Delta E Color Process Control; 1D and 2D Bar Code Verification and ISO Grading; Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Optical Character Verification (OCV) Inspection (includes duplicate checking and random or sequential data validation); and E-Pedigree Module for Track & Trace.

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