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Tresu, Lohmann partner for flexo research

July 30, 2013

The collaboration's goal is to optimize tape performance for new high-speed printing machines.

Tresu, the Danish supplier of flexographic printing lines and ancillary products, and Lohmann, the German manufacturer of customized adhesives for diverse industrial sectors, including the packaging converting and printing industry, have entered a strategic partnership aimed at optimizing performance of mounting tapes for a range of high-speed flexo-printing situations.

Tresu is building and supplying Lohmann with a flexo unit to simulate a range of mid-web printing situations. At the same time, Tresu will conduct research with Lohmann’s plate mounting tapes in its print tests at its demo centre. Tresu’s unit will be used for training and dry-run testing in Lohmann’s TEC Center, the technology center that is currently under construction at the company’s Neuwied, Germany headquarters.

The partnership allows both suppliers to improve the flexo printing process by monitoring the performance of the press and different plate and tape combinations with a wide range of hardness values. The aim of the collaboration is also to optimize the performance of tapes for new high-speed printing machines. The two companies will investigate ways to reduce vibration and improve stability, in order to reproduce high-screen rulings of offset quality, made possible thanks to innovations in printing form and imaging technology, with minimal dot gain.

Other areas of research are likely to include heat resistance, a concern when printing at high speeds during longer run lengths, elastic recovery and ease of mounting, removal and setting of printing pressure without compromising quality. Tresu and Lohmann will also investigate how to minimize dot gain and maintain smooth, bounce-free production at high speeds over long periods of time.

Søren Maarssø, CEO of Tresu, says, “Thanks to developments in printing form materials and imaging systems, the construction of dots that reproduce finer linework, contrast and half-tones with greater consistency are now possible. This means that the key to improving the performance of flexo lies at the production stage. The installation of the Tresu unit at the Lohmann Research Center and the close collaboration between the two companies will enable us to look at ways of optimising tape material qualities and press performance, so that the flexo process can reach its true quality potential.”

Norman Goldberg, executive board, Lohmann, adds, “The partnership between Tresu and Lohmann is the perfect answer to the ever more demanding flexo printing requirements. The printing industry especially is faced with highly competitive pressure: complex print jobs, increasing demands on quality and narrow time-frames. This is a call for premium and efficient solutions and our collaboration will enable us to optimise our mounting tape products and to learn from each other. Together, we strive towards creating customized solutions for these increased demands.”
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