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Consolidated Label receives LIFE certification

August 6, 2013

As part of its waste-reduction efforts, the Florida-based converter implemented a company-wide recycling program and reduced toxic chemical usage.

Consolidated Label Company has received LIFE (Label Initiative for the Environment) certification from the Tag and Label Manufacturing Institute (TLMI). 

"Becoming a L.I.F.E. member is another step towards achieving our goal of streamlining our internal processes and ensuring that we have a formal environmental management system in place,” says Joel Carmany, president of Consolidated Label. "With this certification, we can effectively serve our customers better by providing them a reassurance that our energy and waste management systems comply with industry standards."

As part of the waste-reduction efforts, Consolidated Label implemented a company-wide recycling program in which employees are required to recycle materials such as plastic, cardboard, paper, aluminum and other various recyclable products. Collection points were established and recycling bins were distributed to employees to encourage participation in the program. Another part of the effort was to analyze the company’s usage of toxic chemicals and find ways to reduce chemicals that were unhealthy for the environment. 

“We spent months analyzing our materials and chemicals to figure out ways in which we can reduce waste without having to sacrifice the quality of our products. After a thorough analysis, we were able to come up with programs and solutions that would make a significant impact on our environmental efforts. It took a lot of team work and coordination among our employees to accomplish such a feat,” notes Carmany.       
Consolidated Label completed the LIFE certification over a two-day auditing process. The audit was initiated on February 27, 2013 by examining the company’s energy and waste processes. The audit was performed by NSF International, a qualified third party assessment company. 

“We are tremendously proud and honored to receive the TLMI LIFE Certification," Carmany adds. "It is a great recognition of the hard work that our company has put towards establishing a formal environmental management system. We have been able to successfully come up with solutions and programs that have made a significant impact on our environmental efforts.  Our goal with this certification is to effectively serve our customers better by providing them a reassurance that our energy and waste management systems comply with industry standards.”

The LIFE program was developed in 2009 by TLMI in order to assist the association’s members with finding cost-effective ways to reduce their company’s environmental footprint.
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