ARC International to distribute ProARC cleaner

Published August 20, 2013
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ARC International has signed an agreement with CEL Chemical, of Piedmont, SC, USA, to become the exclusive distributor of CEL's ProARC cleaner. ProARC is an eco-friendly formula for anilox rollers and sleeves that will dissolve water-based, UV, E-Beam and solvent-based inks, as well as laminating adhesives, over-coat varnishes and other coatings.

Micheal Foran, president and CEO of ARC International, says, "A clean roller is crucial to getting the right ink coverage. This cleaner has been tested and shown to be a highly effective tool for the quick removal of dried inks and coatings from plugged anilox rollers and sleeves."

The ProARC cleaner requires no dilution, comes ready to use in a variety of sizes, and is easy to apply, rinse and wipe dry.

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