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Eagle Cold Foil system installed at Rex Corp.

August 20, 2013

The system will support Rex’s new 40” KBA Rapida 106 press.

Graphic Art Systems, Inc., a developer and manufacturer of foil enhancement equipment, has announced the completed installation of its Eagle Cold Foil system at Rex, a Cenveo Company in Jacksonville, FL, USA. Rex is a subsidiary of Cenveo Labels and Packaging (a subsidiary of Cenveo, Inc., a global provider of print and related resources with more than 70 facilities and more than 100,000 customers worldwide. The cold foil system will support Rex’s new 40” KBA Rapida 106 press.

“As a folding carton manufacturer for the nutraceutical, cosmetic, tobacco, food & beverage and other consumer goods industries we have always been on the forefront of new technology. We identified the need for inline cold foil based on both our current and prospective customer base,” notes Bill Joca, vice president, general manager, Rex. “One thing we cannot have in our business is downtime; a press that isn’t printing is a press losing money.

“Eagle Systems was chosen as our preferred partner on this acquisition for multiple reasons: Reliability, speed and consistency. In addition, the level of service that has already been provided through our installation and startup is unfounded in the add-on cold foil manufacturers market.”

“As a GM, I am required to do my due diligence when evaluating any asset. We looked for a supplier that had a reputation in the market for backing up their commitment to their customers; we were quickly able to identify Eagle Systems as the best partner for Rex. Through a current Eagle Systems client, Rex was fortunate enough to see a similar cold foil system in action before we fully committed to purchase the unit. It was at this time we were completely sold on Eagle Systems, in most part due to their state-of-the-art continual tension web system. This system is in direct alignment with the overall goals of our business—adding consistent value at a competitive cost.”