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Xeikon extends range of flexo imagers

September 3, 2013

The large format ThermoFlexX 80 is capable of covering the size requirements for corrugated printers and trade shops.

At Labelexpo Europe 2013, Xeikon will feature itse extended range of flexo imagers for flexographic and letterpress plates with the ThermoFlexX 80. This large format Flexo Imager is capable of exposing plates up to 1270 x 2032 mm, covering the size requirements for corrugated printers and trade shops or service bureaus.

"With almost 20 years of experience in computer-to-plate development and manufacturing, Xeikon Prepress has a reputation of being a leading technology innovator in the printing industry," says Christophe Lievens, director of sales and marketing, Xeikon Prepress. "With our ThermoFlexX products we emphasize this reputation by producing imagers, for the flexographic and letterpress industry, with unique and innovative features."

Flexibility in resolution
"By offering a wide range of output resolutions, we strengthen our open standard philosophy. Offering a seamless integration with any workflow on the market lowers the threshold to make the step towards digital flexo platemaking. Our ThermoFlexX engines can image plates at 2400, 2540, 4000, 4800 and 5080 dpi. With our highest resolution of 5080 dpi, the product is technology-ready to raise the quality level of output to the newest industry standards," adds Doug Mawdsley, product manager Flexo Prepress.

The ThermoFlexX system comes with a range of benefits. Advanced clamping design allows plates to be mounted easily on to the drum, while a uniquely designed vacuum slider offers the flexibility to use plates of any width. This is beneficial to operators as there is no need to cut the plates to fit a dedicated vacuum zone thus allowing the use of cut-off scraps. The ThermoFlexX also features ergonomic plate mounting and its hybrid drum offers flexibility of holding plates in place either by vacuum or by magnetics.

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