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Pazazz wins Xerox Best-of-the-Best Award

September 9, 2013

Pazazz was the only Canadian printer to win this award.

Pazazz has announced that it is a double winner in the 2013 worldwide Xerox Best-of-the-Best Digital Print Contest.  The Canderel Corporate Brochure won in the Books category and the in-house Pazazz Connect Magazine won in the Digital and Offset category. According to the company, both entries impressed the judges with their combination of print quality, innovative approach, business results and use of Xerox technology.

Canderel Corporate Brochure: Winner - Books
With only five days to create 200 copies of a 80-page booklet, Pazazz used the Xerox iGen4 Press to create an offset look in a short time period. "The client was thrilled that the piece looked as good as it did. The project was a reinforcement that if you sit down and you put your mind to it, involve the team and get everyone talking, then you can accomplish most anything," says Warren Werbitt, founder of Pazazz.

Pazazz Connect Magazine: Winner - Digital and Offset
In an effort to build brand awareness, Pazazz created and printed Connect Magazine, a personalized piece, as a promotional tool. "This gives us the ability to promote what we do and have a place to put our own ads. We wanted a vehicle to put out there to let people know that we're here, we're in the printing business, and we're capable of doing other things...we're not just printers," says Werbitt. "I like to think today that we're in the communications world more than anything else."