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Rippedsheets now offers custom child-safe labels

September 23, 2013

Options include a satin gloss white polyester label with a pressure-sensitive permanent self-adhesive. offers identification labels that are CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) approved, which requires that children’s products comply with all applicable child safety rules. There are several options available that can be used for labeling children's products safely. One of the options is a satin gloss white polyester label with a pressure-sensitive permanent self-adhesive. The second option is a washable white fabric label with a pressure-sensitive super-permanent self-adhesive to be applied to pre-existing care tags. The third option is a white polyester, washable iron­-on label. These three kid label options are also WEEE and RoHS compliant.

It also requires that the products are tested by a CPSC-accepted lab and that the production company obtains a certificate stating this. There must also be permanent tracking information on the product as well as the package. Children’s products must not exceed the lead content requirement, meet all toy safety standards, must be durable, and cannot contain hazardous substances or phthalates.

With labels and tags made from, these requirements can be met. Labels can be used on packaging as well as on children’s products. says it has powerful variable data software that can help pre-print barcodes, QR codes, and any other personalized image. These materials can also be die-cut to any shape or size to fit a wide variety of applications.

The first label option that is CPSIA approved is 102270, which is a satin gloss white polyester label that is good for both indoor and outdoor use. It also resists degradation from scuffing, chemicals, and wide temperature fluctuations. It is a dishwasher-safe label that works great for a wide variety of cups, bottles, snack bowls, and pacifiers.

The second CPSIA-approved label is the 102190, which is a washable fabric label that is waterproof and has an extremely aggressive self-adhesive. It can stick to a wide variety of fabrics and clothing, including shoes, and can be machine-washed if applied to an existing care instruction tags. It is also compliant with the CONEG Model Toxics Packing Legislation.

The tag option that is CPSIA approved is the 110726. This tag is an iron-on fabric tag that also meets AATCC IVA wash test requirements. It is printable on one side and can be ironed on to kids’ clothing, including cottons, poly/cottons, and polyester fabrics. This material can also be sewn as needed. 
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