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ColorCraft wins several Premier Print Awards

October 1, 2013

The company has netted three Best of Category honors, as well as six Awards of Recognition and four Certificates of Merit.

Southern Lithoplate Inc. (SLP) has announced that ColorCraft of Virginia Inc. has netted three Best of Category honors, as well as six Awards of Recognition and four Certificates of Merit at this year's Premier Print Awards.

ColorCraft caters to government agencies, educational institutions, associations, health care providers and midsize businesses. The company employs a mix of 40-inch sheetfed presses and digital production printers to create visual masterpieces, including colorful annual reports, brochures, promotional pieces and posters.

Best of Category, known as a “Benny,” is the Printing Industries of America-organized print contest’s top honor. ColorCraft received a Benny award in the magazine series category and two Benny statuettes in the programs category. Printing Nature's Best Photography, a semiannual publication featuring stunning photos of exotic landscapes and wildlife in native habitats, has earned ColorCraft three Best of Category awards in a row.

“Nature’s Best was a winner for us in 2013, 2012 and 2011,” says retired President/CEO Jim Mayes, who now works as a consultant for the business he headed from 1987 through 2012. “We print the magazine at the highest resolution possible. Integra plates have a great dot structure. Integra is among the very few plates in the marketplace that can hold 10-micron stochastic dots.”

ColorCraft prints with 10-micron and 20-micron stochastic screening on a daily basis and has experienced no quality or performance issues whatsoever with SLP’s advanced positive-working, no-prebake thermal plate, according to Mayes.

“The Integra is bulletproof,” he says. “Plate after plate after plate is cost-effective and efficient. Rarely do we see a need to remake plates. The Integra performs very well for us. If a product really works, that is what we look for.”
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