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UV LED Summit zeroes in on technology

October 10, 2013

The UV/EB East 2013 Conference was held October 1-2 in Syracuse, NY, USA.

With UV LEDs poised to accelerate market growth, key technology experts and industry leaders met at the UV/EB East 2013 Conference and Exhibition, October 1-2 in Syracuse, NY, USA.  With an overwhelming response from companies not engaged in UV LEDs, but looking to the promise of the technology, attendees from across the supply chain, including end user customers, engaged in numerous sessions and impromptu discussions. Key UV LED events at the Conference included presentations, a UV LED Road Mapping session, and a special gathering to gauge the potential of a RadTech UV LED measurement initiative.

The event also offered a wide ranging view of some of the uses of UV and EB technologies including the application of UV/EB to metal finishing; achieving performance and design solutions with UV and PVD; the UV curing of bio-materials, including mushroom structural materials; 3D and additive manufacturing; and micro patterning.

Event non-profit organizational sponsors included the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA); the State University of New York Institute for Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing; and RadTech--The Association for UV and EB Technology. 

The next UV/EB technology gathering is May 12-14, Chicago, IL, USA.
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