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SES RFID installs automated copper wire antenna technology

October 17, 2013

The new machinery will be used to produce ultra-thin inlays, pre-lamination sheets and dual interface products.

At this year's Cartes Secure Connexions, taking place November 19-21 in Paris, SES RFID Solutions  – an international operating manufacturer of RFID solutions –  will announce the installation of its fully automated production machinery based on its patented copper wire antenna technology.

The newly installed machinery at SES will be used to produce ultra-thin inlays, pre-lamination sheets and dual interface products. The equipment is laid out for high-volume production with flexible antenna layouts, high-speed coil winding, chip module handling and placement onto PVC, PET-G or polycarbonate substrates. Card formats of up to 56 positions (7 x 8) can be accommodated. The new equipment will also enable the manufacture of 200-240 µm dual-interface and inlay/pre-lamination sheets.

SES’s manufacturing IP is protected by a range of European and international patents.

Production samples and a video of the equipment will be demonstrated for the first time at Cartes 2013 in the SES Booth 4H083.
SES RFID Solutions GmbH is based in Düsseldorf, Germany. It serves industrial clients throughout the world with an emphasis on Europe, Asia and USA. The company has established a worldwide support and service network of independent distributors to serve their customers locally. Production of transponders takes place in Taiwan and China.

"Through the use of copper wire antennas and our flexible chip module, we’re able to reduce the number of manufacturing steps," says Martin Scattergood, managing director of SES RFID Solutions. "This simplifies the design from the planning stages to the finished product, and it allows us to carry out each production step in-house." The result, Scattergood says, is achieving better quality through the reduction of error sources and a more cost-efficient production.