DLS celebrates a year with Colordyne Technologies

Published October 22, 2013
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Diversified Labeling Solutions (DLS) will soon be celebrating the one year anniversary of its installation of a Colordyne Technologies (CDT) 1600-PC Laser Pro digital label and tag printing press at its Chicago, IL, USA location. After installing the press in January, DLS has been able to continue its commitment of keeping ahead of the changing marketplace while meeting the goals and requirements of its customers.

"When I made the decision to invest into digital label equipment, I explored the marketplace to determine the best platform to suit our clients' and company's needs," says DLS President Bob Hakman. "I wanted a platform that could provide top quality print, could convert in the same production pass, and had the ability to provide a realistic ROI to the company."

DLS was impressed by the CDT 1600-PC Laser Pro's high resolution and die-cutting conversion methods.

"The Colordyne 1600-PC hit all my criteria. It has one of the highest dpi resolutions in the industry, they gave me a choice of die-cutting conversion methods, and my projected sales forecast provided me the ROI needed to issue a purchase order," says Hakman. "The press has been a solid workhorse since its arrival and I have not had any regrets with my purchase decision."

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