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Correct-Touch Graphic Arts offers new digital flexo plate

October 24, 2013

Asahi’s AFP – TOP plate allows a kiss touch printing pressure setting with constant repeatability of print quality during the production run.

Correct-Touch Graphic Arts of San Luis Obispo, CA, USA, offers a new narrow web printing product from Asahi.

"Asahi’s new AFP-TOP Premium digital flexo plate offers the ultimate solution for the narrow web printing industry and market demand for higher quality and increased productivity," the company says.  Asahi’s AFP – TOP plate incorporates its patented “Pinning Top Dot” Technology," which allows a kiss touch printing pressure setting with constant repeatability of printing quality during the production run. This technology provides superb benefits for all narrow web printing applications.

The ”Pinning Technology” also reduces the ink filling-in in the mid-tone area over the printing run leading to fewer cleaning intervals and press stop downtimes for the printer. Which means faster, more efficient and more economical narrow web printing processes.

Asahi’s AFP–TOP plate can easily be fit into an existing narrow web printing environment without the need of additional machine investment. These digital flexo plates can be produced in all Asahi AFP processing systems or corresponding processing equipment. The plate is exposed on the back to produce the desired relief depth and achieve maximum sensitivity to UV light. After removal of the protective film, the black mask layer is imaged by a laser. Commonly available laser types are YAG, diode or fiber laser. Then the plate is exposed, processed by a solvent wash process, dried and finished by UVA and UVC light to ensure the optimum properties of the print-ready plate.
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