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IIMAK releases new resin thermal transfer ribbon

October 24, 2013

SP575 is designed for demanding industrial and automotive labeling applications.

International Imaging Materials, Inc. (IIMAK), a global manufacturer and developer of printing, imaging, and marking consumable supplies, has announced the release of its maximum durability SP575 Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon. According to the company, IIMAK’s new SP575 Resin stands up against harsh chemicals and severe abrasion, making it ideal for demanding industrial and automotive labeling applications. IIMAK’s patented Clean Start printhead cleaner is built into the SP575 ribbons, and its anti-static formula and backcoat extend printhead life.

IIMAK’s new SP575 Resin bonds with high-end synthetics such as polyester and is designed to offer exceptional chemical resistance. One of the most challenging specifications in the Thermal Transfer Ribbon industry is General Motors GMW14573 spec for engine compartment labels, commonly referred to as “under-hood” applications. According to the company, the SP575 is the only Thermal Transfer Ribbon in its category that stood up to the grueling conditions, while other leading competitive high end ribbons failed.

“The SP575 resin was created to withstand the toughest industrial and environmental conditions you’ll find,” IIMAK Product Manager Chris Smyth says. “As a result, it prints with extraordinary mechanical durability and provides powerful resistance to harsh chemicals and abrasion. It’s a tough ribbon.”

The rigorous standards of the automotive industry are often applied to industrial applications with similar requirements. Labels for power tools, compressors, pumps and industrial machinery also have to resist harsh chemicals and environmental exposure. “This is what our customers have been asking for,” Smyth says. “It’s a perfect complement to our Resin product offerings."

The image clarity and fine line quality of IIMAK’s new SP575 are ideal for small text and 2D barcodes.

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