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Cyber Graphics installs nyloflex APP

November 5, 2013

The Tennessee-based company made the installation in an effort to optimize its platemaking process.

Cyber Graphics, of Memphis, TN, USA, has installed Flint Group's nyloflex Automated Plate Processor (APP) in an effort to optimize its platemaking process. 

“We’re always looking ahead to find the latest technical developments,” says Rick Parker, director of operations and technology at Cyber Graphics. “Our customers expect us to create value through innovation. That sometimes means finding a better workflow and also investing in new production infrastructure. If we were to start resting on our laurels, that would be the time we’d start falling behind.”

Echoing the need for innovation, Cyber Graphics’ Manufacturing Site Director Edwin Woods was part of a team that oversaw the optimization of the company’s plate room: “For us, Lean Manufacturing means getting more from less,” says Woods. "We investigated and streamlined everything from the way raw plate material is brought into the room, how it gets Q.C.’d, and how we ship the finished plates to our customers. We’ve developed proprietary systems, including the automated cut-down and labeling of each plate, along with standard operating procedures and inspection systems to ensure we consistently produce the best quality plates possible. The nyloflex APP System, as a new centerpiece, significantly reduces the handling of the plate and therefore improves standardization and helps to avoid problems.”

According to Steve Dearing, Cyber Graphics Manufacturing Project Leader, the nyloflex APP system improves the process of platemaking through speed and ease of servicing. “Simply put, the nyloflex APP equipment can process a typical 1.7 mm (0.067”) plate in about 40% less time when compared to other systems. Being able to run 16 plates back-to-back without operator handling and getting finished plates out in record time makes the difference between a job that ships today and a job that sits until tomorrow.” Steve added, “Previous automated systems were a lot of work to keep running properly. The design of the nyloflex APP equipment perfectly reflects our requirements for a system that is easier to operate and maintain.”