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Harper Corp. reports successful Gravure Technical Forum

November 11, 2013

The 2013 GAAmericas Gravure Technical Forum was held in Charlotte, NC, USA.

Global anilox roll supplier Harper Corporation of America reports that its participation at the 2013 GAAmericas Gravure Technical Forum was a major success. Held on October 2-3, 2013, at the Doubletree Southpark in Charlotte, North Carolina, the event provided attendees with the opportunity to learn about the latest products and services to hit the gravure industry.

The team representing Harper Corporation of America came prepared to display the organization's most advanced technology and answer the questions of event participants. The tabletop housed a display of the Phantom QD proofer, which has direct gravure and offset gravure capabilities. The offset gravure feature utilizes the XDI imaging engraving. The XDI digital laser engraving can engrave almost anything that can be imaged in a TIF file, and XDI engravings are very effective in long running gravure applications like woodgrains and other product functional gravure jobs.

Additionally, professionals from Harper Corporation showcased HIVE engravings, which have received a great deal of attention within the industry for coatings and laminations where ceramic gravure cylinders capitalize on their longevity and wear-resistance to abrasive inks.