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Gidue celebrates move into new building

November 14, 2013

The Italian manufacturer celebrated its move to Campi Bisenzio with an Open House for its staff and their families.

Italian press manufacturer Gidue announced that it has recently moved into a new plant located in Campi Bisenzio. According to the company, the move was the result of an effort to continually improve its production efficiency and service quality. 

An Open House was held at the new facility on September 14. "Gidue opened its doors to all staff and their families to share in this great achievement," the company says. 

Cristina Toffolo, Gidue vice president of marketing, said of the event: “You could look around and see people who do not care only about money, but the desire to do something else: to create a product, provide a service - to generally produce something that is of value.

"That’s the Gidue team lifeforce and that’s why they are working with great passion. This passion is supported also by their families who share their enthusiasm every day. For this reason, it was important to dedicate the opening ceremony to our employees and take the opportunity to thank their families for the courage they give us every day."