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Flexo training seminar held in Bogota

November 26, 2013

The 3-day course, which featured Sinapse print simulators, was organized by Sun Chemical.

Good production takes good understanding, and that means having good training. These were the reasons that Sun Chemical organized a technical training seminar on the flexographic printing process during the recent AndinaPack trade show in Bogota, Colombia.

The goals of the event were to increase the understanding of the flexo process and to help printers achieve higher quality and productivity. The 3-day seminar was held at the SENA Bogota Graphic Arts training Center, which is equipped with a Sinapse full training simulation laboratory (heatset, sheetfed and flexo simulators).

The course was attended by industrial partners such as Plasticos Calidad of Colombia, by SENA instructors specialized in flexo training, and by Sun Chemical technical support personnel from different Andean countries. The industrial attendees had the chance to “run the press” at no cost, to practice identifying and solving production problems; and to discuss the flexo process with ink experts from Sun and the training experts from SENA. The Sun Chemical experts used the simulators to improve their understanding of non-ink pressroom problems, while the SENA instructors had the opportunity to talk about industrial practice and production problems – information that will help them work more closely with the industry, and guide their students in the right direction.

The seminar was given by Carlos Alvarado, a process color consultant and a Sinapse Certified Trainer based in Mexico. Alvarado has worked previously with Sinapse, SENA and Sun – and was able to focus on what was most useful for each participant. All the participants received a Sinapse Certificate.

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