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Henkel releases new white paper on food safe packaging

December 2, 2013

“Food Safe Packaging Portal Europe” addresses the ways in which manufacturers can determine the safety of a food contact adhesive.

Food packaging safety is an issue to which Henkel – as the world’s largest adhesives manufacturer – says it is deeply committed. On its knowledge platform “Food Safe Packaging Portal Europe,” Henkel presents a new white paper on the topic of how to determine the safety of a food contact adhesive. In his whitepaper, Henkel expert Joerg Feesche explains what the company does to "constantly improve its adhesive portfolio to fulfill customer demand and legal requirements."

One important premise of food contact legislation, the company says, is preventing food contact materials from endangering human health. It is up to the manufacturer of the food contact material to check whether their material releases certain chemicals and to assess whether or not these are likely to impact human health. However, there is no special regulation explicitly covering food contact adhesives. Feesche provides a summary, as well as information and insights into relevant regulations and risk assessment.

Those interested in downloading the white paper can visit to register for the premium area, where the white papers can be found along with a glossary and videos.