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Confidex RFID labels to be used in toll collecting system

December 5, 2013

The windshield labels will be used for the E-470 tollway near Denver, CO, USA.

Confidex, a supplier of specialty RFID tags and contactless smart tickets, has announced that its 18000-6C UHF RFID Windshield Labels are being deployed by the E-470 Public Highway Authority in their all-electronic toll collection system, ExpressToll. Besides supplying the standard-compliant, high performance 6C RFID windshield labels, Confidex says its broad range of services, including various personalization options and flexible deliveries help E-470 to reliably run their automatic toll collection system and provide optimal user experience.

The E-470 Public Highway Authority operates the E-470 tollway that forms a semi-circular beltway along the eastern perimeter of Denver, CO, USA. The tollway ties together numerous communities and provides convenient, alternative access to the Denver International Airport. E-470 strives to become the drivers’ choice through providing a safe, fast and reliable driving experience. Since its establishment in 2009, ExpressToll’s all-electronic toll collection (AETC) technology has played a significant role in providing customer convenience to E-470, the Northwest Parkway and the Colorado Department of Transportation’s I-25 Express lane users.

E-470 processes on average 3.5 million ExpressToll transactions monthly – this sets a high reliability level requirement for the non-stop, electronic tolling system at highway speeds. E-470 selected the ISO18000-6C (“6C”) standard as the most appropriate and cost-effective technology for the electronic collection of tolls in Colorado. According to E-470, 6C enables a lower cost of operation, the best possible alignment with national toll interoperability requirements and, in general, ensures the adoption of a proven, high performance and certified technology that is widely used across multiple industries.

Confidex RFID Windshield Label is a 6C RFID label designed to be used in toll collection systems among the otherautomatic vehicle identification applications. The RFID label is attached on the car windshield and can be used for identifying the vehicle automatically in high speed applications. The product is certified by OmniAir Certification Services (OCS). Confidex RFID Windshield Labels are typically highly personalized with customer requirements, such as specific artworks and electrically encoded data. Additionally, Confidex offers various additional options such as encryption or other security features, alternative delivery formats or customized sizes, depending on the customer requirements.

“Confidex’s goal is to be a full-service partner in providing RFID label and tag services for its customers. The services are built on our strong roots in RFID design and the manufacturing experience of more than 400 million of RFID labels, tags and smart tickets, and topped with the customer-centric approach.” says Eric Heineman, Confidex sales director for US and Canada “We are proud that our customers, like E-470, rely on Confidex in running their automatic toll collection systems smoothly 24/7.”

The Confidex RFID windshield labels were qualified by E-470 following intensive 9-month field testing. The 6C RFID windshield labels are fully customized including customer specific visual and electrical personalization. The optimized product packaging and flexible lead times allow E-470 to further optimize their operations and eventually serve their users better. “We have been very impressed with the level of service, overall product performance and Confidex’s responsiveness to our requests.” says Jessica Carson, Manager of Marketing and Communications at E-470.