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IST Metz breaks ground on new facility

December 6, 2013

The company is building a new facility on the site of Fabrikstrasse in Nuertingen-Zizishausen, Germany.

The IST Metz Group has expanded its facilities. The company is building a new facility on the site of Fabrikstrasse in Nuertingen-Zizishausen, Germany. At a groundbreaking ceremony, company founder Gerhard Metz himself shoveled the first bit of land to make way for the new building. 

Since IST Metz GmbH moved from Wolfschlugen to Zizishausen in 1985, construction equipment has steadily made its way out to Nuertingen’s industrial area ten times for company expansions. At the beginning of this year, an extension on the building of the subsidiary eta plus electronic GmbH had just been finished. As a result, its production area has doubled. 

The building in Fabrikstrasse 8 had been purchased in 2006 from the company Kiener. Since then it has been used as a warehouse for the IST Metz Group. Due to fast growth, the old building was torn down and the construction of a new, larger building has begun. Architecture firm Klein Sommer Camuti has been charged with the planning once again. It has designed all the other IST buildings and will now once again bank on the highest standards of energy-efficiency. After the completion of the three-story building in early 2015, S1 Optics GmbH and parts of gerhard metz metallbau GmbH will move into the building and expand their production area. The 4,900 square meters will also be used by IST Metz GmbH.
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