Karlville, IMS partner for North American market

Published December 6, 2013
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Karlville Development Group, headquartered in Miami, FL, USA has partnered with IMS Deltamatic Group, a diversified, international machinery group. Karlville is responsible for developing the US and Canadian markets for IMS Machinery products for the conversion and automation sector. According to the company, this partnership will allow Karlville to target high end slitting, inspection and downstream automation products.

Main product lines include:
  • Slitter-rewinders to cover a wide range of web sizes and rewind materials
  • Inspection Rewinders and Doctor Machines
  • Automatic non-stop rewinders for flying reel change at high speed, featuring either center or surface drive
  • Automatic non-stop unwinders with flying splice, feauring either overlap or butt or register splice type
  • Doubling and separating machines for aluminum foil and strip
  • Embossing machines for aluminum foil
  • Spooling machines
  • Customized solutions for handling automation
The companies' first product introduction is the new Universal Automatic Twin Shaft Unloading Device, ideal to automate roll unloading on slitting machinery and to convey the production from multiple rewinders to a packaging/palletizing center. It is designed to interface with different slitting machinery. The device may adapt to rewinders with or without turret system.

Universal adaptability features of the device include open access to the unloading shafts, which can move on floor rails towards the unloading shafts and engage them to receive the finished reels; an automatic transfer of the roll from the rewinder to the unloading device will be automatic; and the installation of bridge ring may be required to secure a smooth transfer between machine shafts and unloading device. 

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