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American Roller heads to Mexico

December 13, 2013

After 35 new hires in 2013, the roller manufacturer will focus on team unity and sales strategies at its January meeting.

American Roller Company is hosting its national sales and strategy meeting in January 2014 at the all-inclusive resort, Golden Parnassus, in Cancun, Mexico. The goal of the meeting is to unite the executive management, sales, and plant management teams from the company’s nine manufacturing facilities to provide lessons on teamwork, sales strategies, and future business developments.

Over 30 people from around the country will gather together for this four-day event to not only focus on specific strategies and company objectives, but offer an opportunity to build and foster meaningful relationships with one another. The company was happy to extend the invite to participant’s spouses and now an additional 20 guests are scheduled to join company representatives in Mexico.
American Roller's double digit growth in 2013 resulted in over 35 new hires during the year. The conference will look to build on this momentum by communicating important general and tactical knowledge to the entire group while providing an opportunity to formally introduce new employees, share ideas, and highlight performances. The event is being described internally as an opportunity to build relationships within the group and include employees in the next phase of strategic planning for the future.

“While this is a large investment by the company, it is important to spend the time and money to develop our relationships internally," says Dan Cahalane, president. "With new leadership positions being filled during this growth period, it is an exciting and perfect time to get together and build upon the momentum underway.”