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FutureMark announces Future Label enhancements

January 6, 2014

Fort Dearborn has partnered with FutureMark to bring the eco-friendly C1S label to its customers.

FutureMark Paper Group has announced enhancements to Future Label, a coated one-sided (C1S) label product with high-recycled content (greater than 85%). This provides an environmentally-friendly C1S label solution for consumer packaged goods.

Fueled by advancements in FutureMark’s de-inking process, Future Label now features a paper brightness rating of 88 and a blue-white shade. In addition, the recycled content in Future Label has been increased from 80% to 85%, and a modified coating recipe has greatly enhanced the C1S paper’s overall print performance. As a result, Future Label touts that it now offers brand owners, retailers and label converters a reliable, bright-white sheet with clean styling for superior print quality.

“Continuous innovation at our recycled mills has enabled us to take our Future Label product to the next level in both quality and recycled content,” says Matt Nightingale, VP, business development, FutureMark Paper Company. “We’re pleased to be able to offer this exceptional sustainable solution to leading converters and retailers who are committed to greening their businesses.”

Fort Dearborn Company, a supplier of labels for the beverage, confectionery, food, household products, nutraceutical, paint/coatings, personal care and spirits markets, has partnered with FutureMark to bring Future Label to its customers. “Future Label is the perfect fit for our green-minded customers who want an excellent sustainable packaging solution,” says Tim Nicholson, senior VP of marketing and technical services.

Future Label is immediately available in 55 and 60 pound basis weights. For more information, the Future Label product data sheet can be found at

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