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Prisco partners with Komori in Europe

January 15, 2014

The agreement makes the pressroom chemical supplier a preferred partner to distribute consumables as part of the K-Supply program.

Pressroom chemical manufacturer Prisco has signed an agreement with Komori, a manufacturer of printing equipment, to be a preferred partner to distribute consumables as part of its K-Supply program. The agreement covers Komori’s operations within Europe. The program is now active in Belgium, France, Holland, Luxemburg, Ireland, Italy, and the UK, with other countries to follow.

According to the company, Komori chose Prisco fountain concentrates, solvents and special products after thorough testing and extensive experience within their customer base. Prisco products demonstrated that they facilitate maximum performance and quality in combination with Komori presses for conventional, UV and H-UV offset printing.

Commenting on the partnership, Jean Decoene, business manager for Prisco Europe, says, “This partnership did not happen just by circumstance. Prisco proved over several years that the combination of Prisco products and expertise in the pressroom plus Komori’s outstanding system performance offers ‘just that little extra’ that makes the difference between excellence and the ordinary. To function in the ‘real world’ where hardware meets chemistry, Prisco had to develop the finest chemicals that provide optimum results in combination with the latest Komori press technology.”

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