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Kodak expands North American packaging team

January 16, 2014

Nick Brunk and Marshall Hogenson have joined the company's newly formed Special Operations Group.

As Kodak continues to grow its presence in packaging, it also continues to expand its offerings with new products for prepress, brand security, functional printing, and package printing. With an emphasis on growing the base of the Flexcel NX Systems, Kodak says it is also committed to expanding beyond flexo products into other complementary products, and bringing new technologies into Kodak’s base of packaging customers. 

The company is forming a Special Operations Group within the United States and Canada (US&C) packaging team to help generate and drive sales for the Kodak Flexcel Direct System, Kodak Prinergy Powerpack Workflow, Kodak Brand Protection Solutions, Kodak Design2Launch Solutions, inkjet technology, and other functional printing applications.This Special Operations Group also will support existing packaging team members with their efforts to grow the Flexcel NX System user base.

Nick Brunk will assume a new role as sales and marketing development manager – packaging & functional printing, and he will be joined by new Kodak team member Marshall Hogenson, who will be the sales and marketing development manager – packaging. Together, Brunk and Hogenson have 26 years’ experience selling leading prepress solutions into packaging and security printing markets, which serve brand owners, trade shops and printers.

“This new team plays a critical role in our plan to grow more quickly and more broadly into packaging as well as further position Kodak as a knowledgeable and experienced packaging sales leader,” says John Anderson, Kodak’s packaging segment sales & product marketing director, US&C. “We are focused on providing disruptive and leading solutions into flexo, security, prepress, workflow and brand owner communications, digital print, and future functional printing applications. Our customers will benefit from the expertise this new team represents.”

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