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APR adds New Celio to flexo, gravure product lines

January 30, 2014

New Celio’s products are designed to assist customers in improving color consistency and reducing costs.

All Printing Resources (APR) has announced the addition of New Celio Engineering, a manufacturer of viscosity, pH, and ink temperature management equipment, to its offering of products for the flexographic and gravure marketplace. New Celio’s products are designed to assist customers in improving color consistency and reducing costs.

"New Celio is known worldwide for high-precision and reliable viscometers," APR says in a statement. "They are also experts in controlling pH and ink temperature during printing processes in order to improve color consistency and reduce ink consumption and waste. New Celio offers several measuring components such as the falling sphere and the wave-vibrating rod system. They also offer a complete system to filter and control ink temperature, allowing inks to be cooled or heated according to the needs of the process."

David Nieman, APR president and CEO, says, “We understand that one of the most important printing parameters in consistent color management and cost reduction is the precise control of ink viscosity and the areas that can affect viscosity such as pH and ink temperature. The addition of New Celio’s comprehensive product line allows us to offer our customers a more complete ink-control solution.”

“The origin of our success is the philosophy inspired by the Swiss traditional quality and constant technological improvements. Our experience and in-depth knowledge allows us to be the perfect partner for our customers who are looking to improve quality and improve productivity,” states Giordano Facchinetti, CEO of New Celio. “APR’s proven track record of technical expertise and service made them the perfect partner for our continued growth in the United States.”