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G3's GTREE paper earns FSC Chain of Custody certification

February 7, 2014

G3 Label Division is a supplier of premium labels to the wine and spirits industries.

G3 Label Division announced that it has earned the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody certification from Scientific Certification Systems, one of the world’s leading FSC certifiers and one of FSC’s founding members. FSC provides third-party certification confirming that materials sold as Forest Stewardship Council certified are harvested from well-managed forest operations.

G3 Label Division is a supplier of premium labels to the wine and spirits industries and is FSC certified on GTREE 100% post-consumer waste premium wine labelstock. The FSC label ensures that the fiber used to make the label has been tracked from certified re-pulping facilities (post-consumer waste paper that is recycled) all the way through the supply chain to G3 for the production of the labels.

"G3 takes supplier responsibility seriously and holds its GTREE paper suppliers accountable for the source of their raw materials and requires third-party verification that the suppliers are in compliance with the FSC standards," says Brendan Kinzie, senior director of G3 Label Division.

Scientific Certification Systems was one of the first certification bodies accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council in 1996. SCS has since certified more than 30 million acres of well-managed forests and 3000 companies in the FSC supply chain worldwide.

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