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Confidex’s RFID technology selected by top flower distributor

February 21, 2014

The RFID smart labels will be used to identify and track more than 1.1 million units.

Veiling Holambra, the biggest distributor of flowers and plants in the Americas, has partnered with Coss Consulting to supply RFID smart labels from Confidex, a Finnish company with global presence, including offices in Brazil and the United States. The RFID smart labels will be used for identifying and tracking over 1.1 million returnable assets from production and distribution centers, to delivery to customers including florists, supermarkets, and finally the return on the returnable assets. The returnable assets vary from baskets and carts to shelves, as an example. The project is expected to be completed in May 2014, on Brazilian Mother's Day eve, a period when the flower market is at its most active.

The deployment of RFID smart labels aims to improve the efficiency of logistics processes. "Since the products, flowers, are perishable there are various critical goals to be monitored in the supply chain: to reduce the time of loading and unloading at product docks, ensure the accuracy of inventory control, reduce deviations and material losses in distribution, promote the reduction of operating costs and maximize financial results. The RFID smart labels will be read by mobile readers and fixed portals installed at the docks and in all logistics processes," the company says. 

Jorge Possato Teixeira, cooperative logistics manager and Francisco Roberto Pereira, cooperative logistics coordinator at Coss Consulting, describe how the Confidex Carrier Pro, EPC Standard (Electronic Product Code) compliant UHF RFID smart label was chosen: The selection procedure included extensive tests with labels from several manufacturers as well as a pilot test, where Confidex’s RFID smart labels performed best among the tested products.

"Confidex’s project experience, technical knowhow and delivery capability were also important factors," Teixeira and Pereira say. Coss Consulting was selected due to the comprehensive project scope, taking overall responsibility for the entire technology installation.

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