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APR is exclusive US distributor of Perfect Proofer

March 3, 2014

The Perfect Proofer Evolution Series is a pressroom color management tool.

All Printing Resources, Inc. (APR) has been signed as the exclusive US distributor of the Perfect Proofer Evolution Series, a pressroom color management tool that "delivers increased productivity in the ink lab by allowing flexographic printers to accurately and repeatedly proof their inks before they go to press."

The integration of the Perfect Proofer into a customer’s ink-formulation workflow aims to eliminate everyday color-matching struggles.

"The Perfect Proofer Evolution Series assures that inks coming out of the ink lab are ready for press, matching the desired target within a specific Delta E tolerance range. Toning inks or swapping out anilox rolls are minimized during your daily press run, adding revenue to your bottom line," the company says. 

The Perfect Proofer has the ability to proof on any substrate - from .5-mil film to corrugated board and everything in-between. The ES-100 proofing handle utilizes the same components used on flexographic presses, including anilox roll, photopolymer plates, sticky-back and doctor blades. This allows users to accurately proof ink in the ink room - not on the press - to achieve the lowest possible Delta E from the ink lab. 

"The patented Dot Gain Technology gives users the ability to measure density and dot gain on drawdowns in the ink lab, assuring repeatability when the ink gets to press. The Perfect Proofer removes operator error assuring that every drawdown is accurate and repeatable," the company says. 

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