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Videojet launches new website

March 13, 2014

"Our new information-rich website is a natural extension of our focus on maximizing customer interaction," says said Chris Riley, vice president of marketing.

Videojet Technologies Inc., a global manufacturer of coding and printing technologies, has announced the release of its new website, which has been designed to help its customers understand its full range of products, access detailed product information and explore industry and application-specific information and resources. 

“Videojet partners with customers across the globe to improve their operational reliability and productivity. Our new information-rich website is a natural extension of our focus on maximizing customer interaction – providing not only essential product information, but a wealth of industry and solution-based material that can be accessed and shared at any time,” says Chris Riley, vice president of marketing at Videojet Technologies.

The website features a live support center that provides immediate assistance in local languages. Website users will be able to interact with customer support specialists, assured that their query is answered and dealt with in a professional, swift manner.

Riley adds, “We recognize that, when in need, people want answers as soon as possible. This is why we made providing our customers with immediate support a key element of our new site, and yet another example of our continued investment to making the lives of our customers easier wherever possible.

“The new website is just another example of our sustained investment in informing and supporting customers. We have an immense passion to partner with our customers’ and as such, the new website has been designed through a collaborative approach with clients. This is just one of the ways we are making ourselves available to help them make the right choices for their business.”