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Danish converter adds second MPS press

March 14, 2014

Scanket's new MPS UV flexo press marks the fifth MPS press installed in Denmark over the last 12 months.

MPS has announced an increased presence in Denmark with the successful installation of a Scanket’s second MPS UV flexo press. Nearly one year since the installation of its first MPS press, Scanket purchased a second EF UV flexo multi-substrate MPS press to accommodate an increased production demand of self-adhesive labels. This press marks the fifth MPS press installed in Denmark over the last 12 months.

The newly installed EF-UV flexo press with 8 color UV print stations and a web width of 420mm includes the APC advanced package with double servo positioning motors for the positioning of both the print sleeves and material thickness settings. Next to the APC automation package to maximize productivity, the press is also equipped with a closed loop tension control multi-layer lamination unit.

Scanket’s second MPS press is used in the production of self-adhesive labels with a focus on cosmetics, beverage, chemical-technical products, and food supplements, joining its first MPS EC UV flexo press also with 8 color stations. Built with register and control systems, job memory, NPC (Nonstop Print Change) and MPS technology that controls print lengths, the new EF UV flexo press enables Scanket to run print jobs at an ideal production speed, guaranteeing optimal print quality and productivity.

Martin Fundal, managing director of Scanket, says, “The need for a second UV flexo press was to accommodate increased production and new markets generated from our initial MPS UV flexo press investment. We simply needed to replicate the stability and high-performance provided by our first MPS press in our production expansion. We are very happy with the new capabilities and opportunities that these presses have brought us.”

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