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Label Impressions adds three CEI finishing units

March 14, 2014

The new servo-driven machines have shortened lead times and increased throughput.

Label Impressions, a label converter based in Orange, CA, USA, has recently installed three new CEI servo-driven finishing machines, increasing throughput and shortening lead times for it’s film and label customers.

CEI technology was chosen by Label Impressions based on it’s reputation as an innovator of finishing machines for the label and flexible film market. “These high speed, high-tech finishing machines were designed for speed, accuracy and high quality finishing,”  says Simon Gross, president of CEI. “Label Impressions was able to replace five slower finishing machines and keep up with it’s fast growth rate with our state-of-the-art label and film rewinders."

Derrick Moreno, production manager at Label Impressions, comments, “Our throughput is amazing – the machines keep up with our high speed label production without compromising quality. In fact, with CEI’s LED inspection technology, we’re able to catch even the most minute defects.”

Label Impressions opted to upgrade the machines with slip differential rewind shafts designed for clean edge, wrinkle-free film (pouch, packette, sachet and bag) production, flag detectors, waste take-up rollers, roll lifts, vacuum trim removal systems and modifications that allow for adding high quality, 100% inspection systems for pharmaceutical and personal care labels.

“Recent investments in prepress and wider web printing equipment have allowed us to grow the film side of our business, and so the move to replacing our older ‘label rewinders’ with true servo film rewinders was the right move for Label Impressions,” says Jeff Salisbury, president and CEO of Label Impressions. "With our first CEI rewinder purchase in 2013 we saw an increase in pouch, packette and sachet business as fillers recognized the higher quality, trouble-free finishing we’ve been able to provide on the rolls we send them.”

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