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Harper Corp. enjoys success at PE conference

March 21, 2014

The anilox roll supplier was part of an integrated demonstration at the 2014 Flexible & Printed Electronics Conference and Exhibition.

Harper Corporation of America, a global anilox roll and ink lab equipment supplier, has announced its role in a successful integrated demonstration at the 2014 Flexible & Printed Electronics Conference and Exhibition. Held February 4-6 in Phoenix, AZ, USA, this event brought together more than 100 presenters and 600 attendees from all facets of the industry to discuss and explore the latest advances in this growing industry. 

"Flexible, printed electronics are an area where state-of-the-art systems are creating new possibilities," the company says. "Harper Corporation was honored to play a key role in a real-time demonstration that walked attendees through the critical process steps in the printed electronics workflow. This massive undertaking was the result of collaborative efforts between multiple companies and universities within the field, each contributing different materials, components, and expertise."

For its part, Harper Corporation of America provided a QD Flatbed mobile flexo printer and built the required processing head for flexo printing. The equipment was positioned at the Cal-Poly and Clemson Universities’ booth and was operated by the students. Components and materials were delivered from across the country and assembled at the conference to produce a seamless working processing line down a single aisle at the conference, resulting in the production of conductive printed and cured electronics samples. This process was well received and attracted attention from many interested attendees.

In addition to participating with the integrated demonstration, a Harper representative also spoke in a session to explain how flexo and gravure processes could be used in a laboratory setting for the printed electronics industry.

Harper Corporation says it is proud to have played an integral role in this process and looks forward to attending the 2015 Flex Conference in Monterey, CA, USA. 

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