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Webtech installs two Gidue presses

March 21, 2014

Webtech is now one of the largest Gidue users with a total of seven presses.

Webtech Labels, an Indian company based in Mumbai, has recently installed two new Gidue presses. Established in 1998, today Webtech Labels is the largest Indian manufacturer of self-adhesive labels supplying its products to some of the best-known brands in India. It is led by Amar B. Chhajed who is also the managing director of the company.  

Webtech first purchased two presses from Gidue in 2008. After a successful installation of the UV flexo presses, the company has added a new Gidue press every year for a total of five presses in four years. The most recent purchases are the M3 and M5 digital Flexo presses. Webtech is now one of the largest Gidue users. 

The Combat M3 , recently installed in its Mumbai plant, is a fully servo press that has been purchsed with a configuration of 370mm width, eight colours with driven chilled roll. It is a printing machine dedicated to the labels and packaging markets and it can handle self-adhesive labels, 15 µm unsupported PET, 20 µm BOPP, 38 µm BOPP for mineral water, all shrinkable sleeves, and up to 350 gsm carton.

The M5 Digital Flexo 3.0 press purchased by Webtech Lables is equipped with 10 UV flexo print units and the advanced HD Camera Technology (Print Tutor) on each print unit. This technology checks the color consistency of each printed label and “self-adjusts” print pressure, density and print register thanks to the use of seven servo-driven motors on each unit. The machine set-up is fully automated, print quality is monitored and adjusted at any manufacturing speed, across a full range of substrates.

Amar, managing director of Webtech Labels , says, "The idea of going for the high-end Gidue presses was to produce very high quality labels for the cosmetics and consumer goods. With the introduction of M3 and M5 presses, we are achieving higher results in productivity and set-up operations. It allows to print with reduced wastes, at speeds we could not achieve before. Print and register quality have also increased and we can match the HD Flexo standards."

Cristina Toffolo , vice president of marketing at Gidue, concludes, "We are very proud to partner with Webtech Labels and for their continuous trust in our brand. This confirmation of trust is a further proof that we are going in the right direction. "

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