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Pantec hosts successful brand protection event

April 1, 2014

The event was held at the company headquarters in Kradolf, Switzerland.

Pantec GS Systems, a manufacturer of in-line refining products has announced a successful open house held February 25 at the company headquarters in Kradolf, Switzerland. The latest technology of the SWIFT in-line foil saving series, including unique hologram patch insetting was presented.

SWIFT is a foil-saving system built on a rail that reduces foil consumption to a fraction, not reducing production speed. This empowers the use of highly attractive holographic foil. The cost of expensive foil results to be less than the cost of cheaper foil without a foil saver.

Visitors were shown the upgraded functionality of SWIFT during live demonstrations where 20 holograms per second were inseted on each foil stream. Perfection for inexpensive volume production on demanding designs bring forward new opportunities for brand protection and security, even with patch holograms.

The latest SWIFT technology offers a solution for typical security applications with registered continuous mode as well. Available with a maximum printing width of 410 and 510 mm, SWIFT fits traditional narrow web foil saving in cosmetics on 410mm and typical security applications on 510 mm width. It provides fast and easy change of the vacuum saving system to adapt to any designs within minutes.

Peter Frei, CEO of Pantec GS Systems comments: “The increasing market demands make us push the boundaries . The increasing wish to embellish with premium foil, while simultaneously reducing waste and cost, is challenging. Our latest offering of SWIFT enables printers to take advantage of expensive, highly attractive foils, without increasing cost. Now, even mass application of hologram patches is very efficient.”