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Excellence in Flexography award winners announced

April 28, 2014

Judges cited cleaner print and finer dots, greater image detail and better ink coverage.

At the annual awards dinner and gala event during the 2014 FTA Forum in Baltimore, MD, USA, the Flexographic Technical Association announced the winners of the Excelllence in Flexogrpahy awards. The winning entries are on display Monday and Tuesday at the 2014 INFO*FLEX Exhibition. Taking home Best of Show in the 2014 Excellence in Flexography Awards are:

    Sunshine FPC, Inc., for its Seafood Medley In A Ginger Noodle Broth Wrapper
    Marvaco Oy Ltd, for its Falcon BBQ Wrapper
    Cellotape-Landmark, for its Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs Tonic Alchemy Label
    Lewisburg Container Co., for its Boulevard Brewing Co. Pale Ale Box
    RockTenn Co., for its Hartz Multi Cat Litter Box
    Mac Papers Envelope Converters, Inc., for its Dish Cinema Multi Sport Pack Envelope

Judges commented on overall improvements, various special effect applications and other particular notables:

“There were brighter colors and higher densities, resulting in bolder color builds. We also saw some really nice screen work done in spot colors.” – Scott McLeod, robbie fantastic flexibles.

“Cleaner and more consistent printing.” – Peter Menzian, DuPont Packaging Graphics.

“Fades to zero have improved. I attribute this to better screening technology.” – Cayleigh Nichols, Esko.

“Cleaner print and finer dots are all things that were seen due to these advancements that bring benefits to both the printer, package and end user.” – Dan Crammer, Best Label.

“Greater image detail and depth. Better ink coverage. Technical advancements in ink, anilox and plates. Line clarity continues to improve. More printers have embraced technological advancements resulting in better overall print results. Quality continues to improve and it’s here to stay. Increased color gamut and tonal range.” – Bill Malm, Flexo Wash.

“Samples look much better every year.” – Bart Wright, InterFlex Group.

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