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Sun Chemical to showcase full portfolio at Label Summit Latin America

May 1, 2014

Additionally, Sun Chemical’s Alfonso Paredes will speak during Label Summit Latin America on May 15 at 2:15 p.m.

Sun Chemical and its parent company, DIC, will showcase its full portfolio of products for the narrow web, tag and label market at Label Summit Latin America 2014.

Visitors of Sun Chemical’s booth #14 will be introduced to a variety of innovative products, including its SolarFlex Nova SL portfolio of inks, SunCure range of UV inks and coatings products, and a variety of brand protection offerings.

“Our customers are looking to us for reliable ink and coating solutions that will meet their individual needs in the narrow web market,” says Alfonso Paredes, vice president of business development/energy curable and narrow web product director, Sun Chemical Latin America. “At Sun Chemical, we’re taking our promise of ‘working for you’ to a whole new level by offering a full range of solutions for our customers in the entire region. We’re committed to Latin America and have shown that with our recent acquisition of Tintas in the Andean region, our investments in new manufacturing facilities in Chile and Brazil, and other equipment investments in Argentina, Mexico and Central America. We hope to be a partner our customers can turn to for any need they may have—anywhere in Latin America.”

Visitors to booth #14 will be introduced to the SolarFlex Nova SL range of UV flexo inks. Intended for the printing of labels, tags, sleeves, tickets and other applications typically found in the narrow web market, SolarFlex Nova SL features flow optimization for press performance, low odor for sensitive applications, fast curing for higher press speeds, and a color strength that has been increased for finer anilox choices. Formulated without any volatile organic compounds and compliant with the Nestlé regulations, the SolarFlex Nova SL range can increase color gamut and/or lower ink consumption.

According to the company, products to be showcased include:

- SolarFlex Neutron White, a high opacity UV flexo first-down white ink that has been redeveloped from first principles using state of the art technology and manufacturing processes to develop a breakthrough in technical performance. Testing has shown the SolarFlex Neutron White outperforms leading competitive products in terms of opacity, printability and gloss.

The result is that printers using the SolarFlex Neutron White can use a finer anilox to achieve the same opacity as with a conventional UV flexo white, requiring less ink to achieve the same hiding power. Finer aniloxes also allow the printer to print sharper text and lines while still retaining maximum contrast over the darkest of labeled goods.

SolarFlex Neutron White is able to print pinhole-free and allows for printing on aluminum substrates in a single layer. The inks are compatible with SolarFlex Nova SL and other UV and EB inks in the Solaris System of products on a wide range of narrow web and mid-web presses.

- SolarFlex Sleeve High Opacity White inks, which are designed to allow customers to match the opacity of other UV flexo sleeve whites but at a lower film weight. The UV flexo last-down ink is intended for reverse printing of shrink sleeves and other impervious substrates where high opacity is required. The ink is suitable for a number of applications including: wrap-around labels, clear, and paper or board substrates, such as tags and tickets and other filmic applications where a high opacity and high slip covering white is required.

With high opacity and good printability for maximum covering power, the SolarFlex Sleeve High Opacity White is fast curing to a resistant and flexible ink film with shrink capability up to 60-70 percent. The ink also has low viscosity and good flow for optimum press performance. The ink is compatible with SolarFlex Nova SL and other UV and EB inks in the Solaris System of products on a wide range of narrow web and mid-web presses.

- SolarFlex Tube is a range of UV flexo inks intended for Arpeco presses and a variety of narrow web applications. The viscosity of the inks have been adapted for Arpeco presses and have a very high color intensity and excellent printability, ultimately leading to low dot gain and high print fidelity. With a low cured print odor, the silicone-free formulation allows for easier lamination and post-print finishing. The inks are formulated without volatile organic compounds, Benzophenone and 4-Methyl Benzophenone.

Visitors to Sun Chemical’s booth can also learn about its SunCure Flexo UV product range which provide UV light-curing inks and coatings for packaging printers that efficiently meet changing job requirements on a wide variety of paper and board. SunCure inks and coatings provide a wide color gamut, excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, fast cure response, and UV light curing for paper and board and sensitive applications. It is suitable for in-line or off-line coatings.

SunCure Starluxe is a highly versatile range of UV curable lithographic inks that are designed for the outer surface printing of carton board and foil boards, selected plastics, and non-absorbent substrates. SunCure Starluxe is also designed for the printing of labels, sleeves, tags and tickets.

Also included in the product range is SunCure QLM, a low migration food packaging ink suitable for UV curable printing on carton board, flexible packaging and non-absorbent substrates intended for outer wrap food packaging. It allows printers to cost effectively produce food packaging safe outer wrap materials, while delivering high gloss and high print definition at the same time.

Sun Chemical’s Alfonso Paredes will speak during Label Summit Latin America on May 15 at 2:15 p.m.
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