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Dutch printer is first to use Xeikon 3000 series for IML

May 14, 2014

aL Printing used Xeikon's In-Mold Labeling Suite of a digital press, substrate, software and finishing hardware.

Dutch printer aL Printing has become the first printer to implement the recently launched Xeikon In-Mold Label Suite, which consists of the Xeikon 3000 series of digital presses, substrates, software and finishing hardware. The printer specializes in producing self-adhesive labels, flexible packaging and in-mold labels at its Reusel plant in the Netherlands, where a new Xeikon 3500 digital color press has joined an impressive line up of flexo presses.

"The enormous flexibility offered by the Xeikon 3500, which we use to print self-adhesive and in-mold labels, has opened up a host of opportunities for our customers," says commercial director Bart Lavrijsen. "Typically these are brand owners in the retail, food and beverage industries, as well as the oil derivative sectors."

"The Xeikon 3500 is the most productive digital label press in its class and provides us with a wide range of benefits," the company says. "The full rotary process means that there are no limitations to label length and the printing width of up to 508 mm increases productivity even further, with virtually no waste. The lightfast stability of Xeikon toners is important, particularly when producing in-mold label jobs which can sit on the supermarket shelf for some time, and the toners are also FDA approved for use with foodstuffs. For a long time, our customers have been asking for the ability to produce short runs economically and with the option for personalization. With the Xeikon 3500 we have the perfect solution."

Filip Weymans is director for marketing and business development, labels and packaging at Xeikon. "An enormous amount of R&D effort went into creating the Xeikon In-Mold Label Suite and we are now receiving a significant level of interest in the ability of our 3000 series to print In-Mold labels. The low preparation costs, high print quality and extensive color range, combined with the ability to quickly produce very short runs, are proving extremely attractive to label printers of all sizes."

"Retailers and manufacturers increasingly want to test new designs, but they need to do this cost effectively," Weymans says. "What aL Printing has proved is that this can be achieved with Xeikon technology, using standard molds and materials. The Xeikon 3500 can then be used for the production of the final job. With the option to vary data companies can incorporate localized information on their In-Mold products at acceptable costs - something that has not previously been possible. This is just one more example of how Xeikon is continuously pushing forward the frontiers of what can be done in the field of digital printing."

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